2016 Lineup

  1. 1501 Woodland Avenue

Hoyt Sherman Place
1877 Italianate mansion

Built by Hoyt Sherman, a Des Moines businessman as his home. Hoyt Sherman Place today is home to the Des Moines Women’s Club who built the adjacent art gallery in 1907 and auditorium in 1922. Hoyt founded Equitable of Iowa, schools, water works, and railroads but perhaps he is most famous as the brother of William Tecumseh, a famous general in our civil war serving the Union army. (68 words)

  1. 1620 Pleasant Street

Robert W. Mickle Neighborhood Resource Center
1961 Mid-Century Modern

Originally built as the Iowa Jewish Nursing Home for the Aged, the Neighborhood Investment Corporation (NIC) purchased the property from Polk County in 2001 for $1. Developed into an incubator for small not-for-profit organizations and for-profit business, the center is working to open a new shared-use community kitchen in the lower level. Stop by and tour the new kitchen in construction and visit the Center’s tenants. (66 words)

  1. 756 16th Street

Henry & Nancy Wallace
1883 Italianate cottage

The home of the famous Wallace family from 1895 to c 1916. The Wallace family helped to establish the worldwide reputation of Iowa’s agricultural heritage. Their grandson was Henry A. Wallace, Vice President under Franklin D. Roosevelt and founder of Pioneer Seed Corn. Stop by and learn about the fascinating history of Wallace family and Iowa’s role in agriculture.  (58 words)


  1. 805 18th Street

Mary Noss Reavely
1896 farm house

This early residence was moved to its present location probably about the turn of the 19th Century. The huge central fireplace with ball-and-stick screens give a hint to its early life as a farm house. Stop by and visit this wonderful home and its unique flower garden. (47 words)


  1. H&H Grocery (Green & Main I) Condominiums

Indigo Dawn, LLC.
1880 brick small commercial

One of the few remaining neighborhood corner grocery store buildings left in Sherman Hill. Abandoned in the late 1970s, the building has recently completed a total rehabilitation into a small women’s health center on the first floor and condo on the second floor. Note all the unique green design features used to make this building an amazing example of saving a historic building while utilizing the most current green architecture. (70 words)


  1. 729 19th Street

Chaden Halfhill
1880 & 1897, brick Victorian Double House


Little is known about who built this house originally at this time. Recently vacated, the double house is an interesting architectural design common in urban Des Moines in the late 19th Century. Three double houses on 19th street are a remnant of hundreds of similar structures that were once common. Visit this home before rehabilitation has started and plan on visiting in the future to see when work is completed. (70 words)


  1. 1911 Pleasant Street

Ray & Kathy New
1895 brick Craftsman Double House


The original owner’s lived on 19th Street and built this double house as a wedding gifts for their two sons. Notice what a finished double house looks like in contrast to the previous double house where work has not begun to preserve that structure. (44 words)

  1. 693 19th Street

Rally Cap Properties
Ryan Francois & Michael Donlin
1888 Victorian


Originally built by Manassah Sheuerman as a rental property. Early home to Edward H. Jones, son of the pioneer Jones family (house is built on the land that was once part of the original Jones homestead). Founder of the Jones Piano Company, which was the prominent piano company in Iowa until the 1920s. First time this home has been open for the tour and rehab has been limited to early de-construction work. (72 words)


  1. 710 18th Street

Mary Kay Frasier
1894 wood Victorian cottage

Originally built by F. G. Moffitt, the home was moved south in 2014 to allow total rehabilitation of this historic property. Mary Kay has done an exceptional job in preserving the exterior and what little remained of original trim and other character defining features while creating an architectural gem with the ultra-modern interior treatments. Highly unusual and a delight to tour. (67 words)


  1. 722 18th Street

Lowell Apartment Building
1922 Brick apartment building


Typical of larger apartments or flats built after WWI. Careful detail for the entry to visually attract a. passerby, central stair and corridor some with an ornate stained glass windows for light. Three stories, two apartments on each floor usually reminiscent of a home’s layout. Entry, foyer or living room, dining room, small pantry and kitchen with either one, two or three bedrooms and a single large bathroom.


  1. 1041 8th Street

Chet Quinn
1907 brick fire house No. 4


Although not located in the Sherman Hill neighborhood, this lovingly renovated fire house, filled with firefighting memorabilia and converted into an imaginative home is an amazing historic property. Tour a historic building that was close to demolition before Chet purchased. Featured on HGTV for “Rezoned”. (45 words)



  1. 658 17th Street

Lindsay & Anders Hackberg
1895 Queen Anne

This house has been renovated to become an interesting testimony to hard work and preservation of a once marginal property in the Sherman Hill Historic District. Now a contributing structure to the historic district you will have an insight to how this structure was saved. (45 words)


  1. 1902 Woodland Ave.

Hillside Condominium
Saturday only: Apt. #201, Lauren Butaric
Sunday only: Apt. #101, Michele Slawson
1902, Brick apartment building
Purchased by the Sherman Hill Association in 1992/93 to save from demolition, the building was converted into condos in 2005. The floor plan is similar to many other brick apartment buildings in the neighborhood. Two apartments on each of the three floors with a property manager’s apartment in the basement. (51 words)

  1. 1821 High Street

Craig & Bethany Crile
2014 Residential Urban infill
The home features a unique stair-case constructed with laminated wood treads supported by a crib of 2×6 fir. The second floor includes 2 bedrooms, full bath, laundry, and storage room. On the third floor is a small bar area just inside the south-facing rooftop deck with tremendous view of downtown. The master suite also lies at the top of the stairs with walk-in closet, full bath and vaulted ceilings. Really cool new home. (73 words)


  1. 728 20th Street

Anthony Horvath

  1. 1895 Edwardian Double House and garden


This double house had been split into eight apartments and gutted by fire in in the late 1980s. The building was purchased and renovated by a previous owner but Anthony has continued the renovation from 1993. The interior features are architectural salvage from various sources throughout the area. The side yard was purchased and developed into a stunning garden in 1998. (61 words)

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